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11 years 10 months ago #6449 by tolwyn
Replied by tolwyn on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
Your first priority are the bombers. When using glide you can outrun missiles/attacking fighters. All you need to do is just use the tools at your disposal. ;)
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11 years 10 months ago #6475 by sp00n
Replied by sp00n on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
I frapsed today WCSaga for the first time, and it just happened to be this very mission.
Didn't do that great, lost a few capships, but still was able to complete the mission.
Note that I exploited both of the Excaliburs main advantages, the glide and auto-aim feature quite extensively. :D

PS: I had some problems with Fraps and WCS. The game crashed me twice (never did that before), and I had some FPS drops during the recording (from 60 to 30), which alse seemed to affect my mouse control in weird way, as it was suddenly moving twice as fast, which made me overshoot pretty badly sometimes.

PPS: The [youtube] tag offered here isnn't working.
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11 years 10 months ago #6584 by TheNeX
Replied by TheNeX on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
About the auto-aim, anyway to turn it off? Can't find the option to :/
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11 years 10 months ago #6618 by arisian
Replied by arisian on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
No, the auto-aim is a feature of the Excalibur; why would you want to turn it off? I mean, for the first couple missions after you get the Excalibur, it may seem overpowered, but pretty soon you'll be facing so many enemies at once you'll be really glad you have it.
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11 years 10 months ago #6641 by lsdYoYo
Replied by lsdYoYo on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
I also think that this mission is the most difficult one to achieve with no loss. I have try about 8 times at easy level and finish most of the time with one capship blown.
So I agree that the difficulty is a bit too high. But remember guys that the difficulty balance is a real pain to adjust.

Some hints :
- Save your afterburner fuel with the auto-glide trick
- Adjust power levels : lower engine level to the miminum, it gives your shields and guns a good boost. Following the difficulty level and the battle time, you can again adjust between shields and guns.
- Dart dumfire missiles : they are far much powerful than the others, at least x2, see technical database. No cat's fighter survives a single dumfire hit. The dumbfire speed is very good and the bomber are easy to target with little practice. I usually miss some hits but anyway not more than with auto-targeted missiles. Just be sure to not fire when you are very near the enemy, the dumbfire blast will blown you too.
- Unfortunately, I recently see that the B key does not target the nearest bomber or capship missile, only the next on the list. So a workaround: verify the distances by pressing the B key N times, afterburn to the nearest bomber group. And if there are other types of cats around, you have the choice : target another bomber B key (with the risk the next bomber's very far) or H key to blow the near fighters and be clear to after auto-target the near bombers.

Hope it helps, the reward is a medal only obtained in this mission :p

"When all else fails, read the instructions."
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11 years 10 months ago #6668 by KeldorKatarn
Replied by KeldorKatarn on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
Guys, this mission is DESIGNED to be nearly impossible to win with ALL capships intact. Sometimes you just can't win it perfect in a war. Some people will win this (we did, and even we fail most of the time)

Sorry guys it's not bad game design just because not everybody is able to do it. The main objective of this mission is to save the Armageddon, secondary is not to lose too many other ships. Not losing ANY ships was always meant to be near impossible. We are full scale frontal assaulting a hostile planet with all its defences for crying out loud.

Just because every causal crap game nowadays lets you win even the most idiotic action movie stunts without a scratch doesn't mean every other game is badly designed only because not everybody can beat everything on first try.

This mission is possible and hard, and it is supposed to be. This game is not designed to be aced by everybody. Period.

As already stated in another thread: If you want to ace everything and rush through an action movie and feel like Bruce Willis on steroids this game it not the one for you. We never targetted that audience and we never intended to. This game is supposed to kick your ass every now and then and it lets you continue most of the time despite failure. If you don't like that, sorry. Go play CoD. This game, like most of the older designs, make you actually work for your success and sometimes simply WON'T let you get that one more medal.
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11 years 10 months ago #6818 by qwadtep
Replied by qwadtep on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
Wow. Ohohoho, wow.

No, it isn't bad game design to have nearly impossible objectives. It IS bad game design to send the player on a thirty-minute mission (several of which are spent on superfluous, unskippable dialogue) only to scream at them at the top of debriefing (complete with helpful attack-enemy-bombers-first recommendation) like there was a damn thing they could have done. The fact that it's done without even offering the player any means to rise to the occasion, like wingmen, and having Dr. House belittle the player throughout is just meanspirited.

It doesn't make sense in-universe for the brass to assign unrealistic objectives like "attack a fortified planet without taking any losses" and then kill morale by chewing out the player for failing. It makes no sense in-engine for it to be implemented as a secondary instead of a bonus objective.

But I think the fact that you feel the need to bash the player in-mission, bash the player in the debriefing, and bash the player when they come for help speaks volumes. I'm not sure why you didn't just paint a big "YOU SUCK" across the Armageddon. Maybe spell it out in city lights on the planet.

At least, given that this is the most viewed and replied-to thread on this particular forum, I know I probably won't be alone in playing CoD.
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11 years 10 months ago #6822 by mormon_boy
Replied by mormon_boy on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
oh you did not just go there

give a mouse a free game and he will want some polish to go with it. give a mouse some polish and he will want a button to skip over it

devs do me a favor next new mission you release add a character named soap and have him die horribly preferably by him derping his way into a skipper missile
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11 years 10 months ago #6844 by horizon
Replied by horizon on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
To be honest: I found this mission very playable. two escorts lost on first try. One due a stupid mistake on my own part. I went on with the campaign as I always except the first result (in a way realisitic).

So stick with it and get it going. :)

oh: house md > avatarr

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11 years 10 months ago #6849 by tolwyn
Replied by tolwyn on topic Hyperion Mission 4 *spoilers*
The mission is beatable if you use the Excalibur to its fullest advantage. The Excalibur even negates the disadvantage of playing with the mouse. Perhaps we expected too much from modern players when we designed the mission - the player is required to assess the situation and respond to the biggest threat while utilizing every tool in his arsenal.
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