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[Tool] WCS Mouse Trap was created by Luke
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1. Introduction

Helpful for the window mode. It limits the mouse movement area to the WCS client window area. So it will no longer happen, that the mouse pointer will leaving the WCS window if you play in window mode.

2. Instruction

Simply start WCS_Mouse-Trap.exe, that's it. The tool works in full automatic mode and searching automatically for the WCS window. If you tab from WCS to another window, the mouse trap will automatically disabled and if you switch back to the WCS window the mouse trap will automatically enabled.

It have a little systray context menu with the following features:

Enable/disable: This means you can enable/disable the mouse trap manually at any time. If disabled, the automatic mode is also disabled. You can also use Ctrl+Alt+F9.

Exit: No explanation needed i think. ;) You can also use Ctrl+Alt+F10.

Tested with Win XP/32 and Win 7/64.

3. Download

Download from forum thread

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