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12 years 3 weeks ago #6111 by Zach
Brightness/Gamma Issues? was created by Zach
I find that the default setting in-game is a little dark for my taste.. I prefer to actually see what I'm shooting at and such, but when I change the brightness from 1.0 to 1.5 (1 click) the gamma jacks WAY up and I get the white washed out look.

I have to drop gamma below 1.0 to get rid of the white wash, although the settings are still vastly different than the default level if you leave it at 1.0 - If I set it too low, in space/combat the brightness looks pretty decent and things are nice.. But the UI elements will be far too dark versus what I think they should be..

However if I leave it "too high" (even when set below the default 1.0) the in-flight environment feels much better but the UI elements show artifacts (border artifacts around transparent Text for example) and will look washed out.. Even the interior of the hanger deck on my home ship will look washed out, versus the outside space feeling appropriate to my preferences.

I have a Radeon HD5850, and I do have custom gamma settings (-75) setup for my desktop, but this hasn't really effected other games in the same way, like I am having problems with Saga. Usually I can use in-game settings to appropriately adjust the in-game brightness settings.

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