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7 years 4 months ago - 7 years 4 months ago #10009 by Cam

So I installed the game, but, much to my surprise, while I can use mouse in menu etc, and it lets me use my mouse buttons to e.g. shoot my guns, the game insists on having joystick control for x/y movement (I do not own a joystick) or xbox 360 as joystick (I don't like using my controller in this type of game). There seems no way to just use my mouse as x/y flight controller?

I have used mouse as native in Descent Freespace 2 base game, Blue Planet, Diaspora and many other mods, so... Something is weird in this case? How do I tell it to use mouse? Clicking on the option in game just blanks out and leaves me with a question mark and no way to select mouse. The launcher just says xbox 360 or no joystick. I unplug xbox 360 controller and then it just says no joystick.

I thought maybe I could edit a config file to force it, but there isn't one?

Any advice as to how to proceed?


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7 years 4 months ago #10010 by Luke

You can use the mouse for shooting but not for movement? Never heard a problem like this.

Create support file

1. Please download Debug-Build Support-Tool and activate the following options:

[X] Create a complete inventory

2. Then press <Create support archive only> and attach here the WCS_SupportTool_Data_{name}.7z.

Please do this so i get the full configuration and status of your WCS installation.

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HowTo's: Joystick: configure throttle and rudder ...and more
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