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10 years 11 months ago #8771 by Ocean112
Simple Weapons and Ship free "mod" was created by Ocean112
Place the two folders inside a Data folder in your WC Saga installation directory. All it does is add a very small autoaim (2) with convergence to all confed fighters and allow all missiles and guns with the exception of torpedoes to be fit to all confed fighters. It also allows ship and weapon selection on every mission. All confed fighters are available for every mission. The source files are from version 1.1. The ship and weapon files are in tbl format because it was quicker to do so. Definately NOT for a first or even second playthrough. Credit to the WCSaga team for a great game.

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10 years 10 months ago #8779 by pigsonthewing
Replied by pigsonthewing on topic Simple Weapons and Ship free "mod"
for my 10th playthrough i decided to try your mod. not all the way through on my playthrough but i thought id post my impressions. install- no problem. just follow the instructions and its good to go. like the author said, definitely not for the first or second playthrough. will indubitably destroy balance on lower difficulties if your rolling the excalibur with a full reaper cannon setup every mission. I like having options though, for instance, self-imposed restrictions on the excalibur. I'm tryin to stick with whatever ship the squadron is flying, so im really loving ability to select guns and missile loadout.

I don't think balance is compromised by having the missile select option well before you can in vanilla. Gun select is a little op because i see no reason not to run anything but the reaper cannon because of its decent punch, good range and rate of fire, but most of all its low energy requirement. this coupled with autoaim is a bit too much but it does make the higher difficulties a little easier.

finally, thanks for the mod.

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