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11 years 6 months ago #8167 by Aginor
Kilrathi player portrait needed was created by Aginor
Hi guys!

I already asked for this at several places, but it can't hurt to try here again as well:

I need a player portrait for my Kilrathi mod, and since I'm not able to draw anything more complex than XKCD style I will need some help with it.

In other forums I described how Kilrathi look like, but I think I won't have to tell you that :D

I am aiming for the Wing Commander 3 style Kilrathi, but since I am not capable of creating something that even remotely resembles a Kilrathi myself my standards are not that high.

This gallery should also be interesting, it shows the face shapes quite well:

The Kilrathi can either wear a WC3 style Kilrathi helmet on his face (like seen in the Kilrathi comm animations or here: ... an0261.jpg ) or not, I leave that to you.

He should have a neutral face expression (which means not too aggressive, no bared fangs or something) and he should look rather young (so no grey streaked fur or something similar that makes him look old).
The fur color doesn't matter much, do what you think looks cool, but the fur should not be too short, more like that of a persian cat or Thrakhath.
And if you think you're not able to create a Kilrathi face I would even be happy about just the helmet with a black visor.
The picture can be either drawn or rendered, everything is better than what I have now. :)

If you want to help me with that, please PM me or post here :)

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