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11 years 8 months ago #7857 by DotS
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I'm currently at the BP station mission with the Kilrathi transporters and I have a few troubles finishing that one...

On the way, Dishwasher gets finished off 8 out of 10 times. I guessed that he's scripted to eject, but no, he survived twice. I guess it's hard to impossible to save that guy, I just ignored it and went on.

Of course, I regularly get rammed by the cloaked fighters, draining a little bit of hull integrity. No big deal, usually <10%.

The thing is, as soon as I arrive, the mission starts to become pretty much impossible. The mission is about not letting any transport dock. I used the afterburner to reach the first moving transport, flew inside its shields and took out its engines, also scanned the thing and then ignored it and moved on to the next docking transport, doing the same.

I found this to be pretty hard already, I'm using the keyboard only. I tried the mouse once, where you have to intercept some capship missiles, but I found the mouse to be even worse.

However, I'm getting damaged nicely when attempting to take out those engines. The transports occasionally hit me hard when I approach, I get missiled (but evade) and I even ram the thing a couple of times when attempting to get close enough to go through the shields, but a few meters away from the hull. I also seem to get hit inside the shields.

After some attempts, I managed to take out the engines of 2 transporters, scanned them and moved on. I found no other moving transports via the targeting system and I already got the Kilrathi fighter reinforcement incoming. So I focused on scanning another one, or taking one out with a Lance missile. Unfortunately, I don't have the time any more. The fighters are firing their guns and missiles at me like it's new year, so I use the afterburner, I try to evade and escape a bit, and eventually I maybe destroy one or two fighters, my ship already falling apart. After doing so, another transport suddenly already docked.

How can this mission be accomplished? It wouldn't be too hard to just sit somewhere, see when a transport moves and attack it. But the fighters make it impossible.

Is it actually possible or even meant to stop all the transports? I'm playing on normal difficulty (yes, I guess I suck quite a bit, but still..)

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11 years 8 months ago #7860 by mormon_boy
Replied by mormon_boy on topic Bluepoint station
while getting a "perfect score" is hard you can fail this mission and be no worse for wear. here is what i suggest
1. replace all your anti fighter missles with dumbfire darts to give you some extra engine stopping fire power
2. reduce difficulty
3. first priority is to stop the freighters from docking so disable and if necessary kill all the freighters before you bother with scanning
4. make sure all the freighters are destroyed before you have to bug out

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