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11 years 9 months ago #7540 by mikekoz
My overall view of WCS... was created by mikekoz
In a nutshell, so far I am enjoying this game very much. I wish more space combat games were being made like this, but I guess they are out of "fashion" in the PC gaming universe at the moment! I miss the story line of the commercial games, but I realize the amount of work that this must take, and this game was free, so in that regard, it is a very well made game! So what do I think is good about it?

1. The action is non-stop!
2. The graphics, although a bit on the retro side, are excellent! The game plays very smooth. I would imagine it probably would on most modern PC's.
3. I love the humor and some of the celebrity voices and characters. I was not expecting that!! They could not have got away with some of the dialog in the game back when they were originally made!

The bad? Nothing real awful, but:

1. Some of the missions are difficult at certain nav points, but easy at others. For the most part, I am playing the game at medium, and in some missions, it is too easy. Then you will fly a mission with 2 super easy battles, then get creamed on the next nav point!
2. Some of the missions are too long. If I fail at them, then try to replay them, my arm gets tired, and I just have to quit. I also have to listen to all the jabber all over again, and while some of it is funny, I do not want to hear it over and over again. I discovered I can skip a lot of it by hitting the escape key, which will skip to the next line.

Anyhow, thank you for making this game as it is giving me hours of enjoyment, and frustration!!;p).

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