Topic-icon Why am I still in an Arrow, and an awful mission

10 years 9 months ago #8723 by jweav151
Not trying to be rude, but it's pretty impressive that you got that far on the Arrow missions without using the Glide feature. I'm constantly using it in the Arrow and Excalibur, especially against anything with turrets.

Also, a lot of people mention that in the WC universe only select ships have the ability to fly the way ships really would fly in space. A few games back in the day of space sims actually tried to have realistic physics and it wasn't pretty. The one that stands out in my memory most is Microsoft's Allegiance. An analog throttle was pretty much a must for this game so you could go zero throttle quickly to glide then go full throttle for a few seconds to change directions. You constantly had to balance your speed with how fast you wanted to change directions. This wasn't too hard for just flying around in space or near cap ships and bases, but eventually someone in another fighter would start shooting at you. The ensuing dogfight consisted of little more than head on passes one after another because actual flight maneuvering was so difficult. On top of that if you only had the simple throttle on your joystick, you had to move your hand to the joystick base buttons or back to the keyboard for targeting, afterburn, communication (no headsets back then), etc. It got very frustrating very fast.

Realistic physics is fun for 5 minutes due to the novelty of the different physics, but once you try to actually accomplish something you hit an incredibly steep learning curve that for a lot of people, myself included, makes the game too much work, not enough fun. Atmospheric physics with select ships having gliding ability as a maneuverability benefit is much better for playability and game enjoyment.

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10 years 9 months ago #8727 by Hammer7

horizon wrote: When you afterburn press ALT-G for glide. That saves fuel.

I couldn't stand ALT-G to glide... sometimes I hit TAB and ALT together by accident, minimizing the game. I changed the glide key to CAPSLOCK, that's its default key in WC III and IV.

btw OP don't worry, you'll get to fly other ships besides the Arrow. Hellcat, Thunderbolt, Longbow, and Excalibur. Also a Sabre. Not sure if there's others, the missions I'm at now put you in the Excalibur. Too bad it can't cloak like in WC III tho.

But only the Arrow and Excalibur can glide.

*edit* ^^ lol I actually wasn't aware that there was a glide capability in this game, until someone on this forum told me.

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10 years 8 months ago #8750 by gevatterLars
Replied by gevatterLars on topic Why am I still in an Arrow, and an awful mission
I also had the problem with the ALT-G combi. I prefered to put it glide on one of the joysticks buttons.

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