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DATE: 2012.24.02

Big news today! We've teamed up with Rurikhan to bring you some "let's play" footage from the final beta. The video shows much of the progress we've made since the original Prologue release. There's a lot more polish, all assets were remade from scratch, and the gameplay is much much tighter. A huge credit needs to go to Rui Modesto (a.k.a. Rurikhan) for cranking with the crazy editing skills. The floor is yours, Rurikhan!

Now, in an awkward segue from the gameplay footage to the actual status of the game, we are working as hard as we can to bring you the game as soon as possible, but small changes are still popping up. Thankfully, at this point, these changes are usually pretty minor, but the sum total of all the changes really adds up and increases the quality of the game.

Till next time and if you liked the "let's play" video and would like to watch a few more episodes remember to "like" or "comment" and to subscribe to Rurikhan's channel at


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