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Code the Code

DATE: 2009.27.08

It's been a while since our last status update, but that doesn't mean that nothing has been going on. In fact we've been working very hard and I think it's about time we brought you up to date with all the changes that have been added to the engine recently.

As most of you know, we are using the FS2 Open engine. Unfortunately, The current official version of FS2 Open (3.6.10) doesn't have all the features that Saga requires. For this reason it seems very likely that we'll be waiting until the 3.6.11 build is out before releasing Saga. This isn't really a problem, since it seems that official release of FS Open will be released in a few months time.

FS Open 3.1.1 will allow for the following features:

  1. Support for more cutscenes - The game will now be capable of playing cutscenes before or in place of briefings, debriefings, etc. We know that Saga will use this to some degree. Whether we'll ever be crazy enough to drop text based briefings completely and go for only cutscenes before and after each mission is another matter. It would be a lot more work, but it is possible now.
  2. Balancing changes - AI can now use glide (a.k.a. Shelton Slides), both to attack you and to break out of circle fights. Until now only human players could use glide. Javelin HS missile will finally function as in the original games. Issuing a disarm/disable order will no longer result in a capital ship being protected (e.g. ignored by other friendly units). The last issue gave us a lot of grief during the last few months, so it is nice to see this one finally fixed.
  3. Turret changes - A whole variety of changes have been added via subsystem flags to allow weapons to act more like those in the original games. These include making turrets return to rest positions when not in use (no more turrets sticking out at unsightly right angles) and having them prioritize enemy craft better rather than just shooting at closest enemy in range. This will make capital ships much smarter and deadlier allies and foes.
  4. Voice code improvements -Changes to the built-in messages system mean that the cap on the maximum number of messages in a mission was removed! Each pilot can now have an unique message for each option! In addition AI pilots will now occasionally say something after their own kills or if you're doing very well. These changes increase the amount of voice acting we'll need for the game but it should be worth it, and will give a voice chatter environment much more like Wing Commander.
  5. HUD changes -Changes to the HUD system include but are not limited to wire frame target view, multicolored radar blips, new callsign feature, and custom gauges.
  6. Fiction viewer -Our fiction viewer has long been crippled by a serious problem that would result in large amounts of text being cut off. This issue has been finally been dealt with.
  7. Code optimization -Various profiling changes have been made to catch memory bottlenecks, therefore the game should run 5-10 FPS faster now.
  8. Auto-aim - Now the Excalibur's weapons will be able to use auto-aiming, just like in WC3.
  9. Something - ...


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Know Thy Enemy: Kilrathi Capital Ships - Entry 8: Fralthi

DATE: 2009.14.08

This week, we like to showcase the final variant of the infamous Fralthi II-class heavy cruiser. Besides the newest texture features, recent developments in game engine design has enabled us to put the heavy turrets on the hull, exactly the way the original model was from Wing Commander 3.

This heavy cruiser is one of the most powerful capital ships in the Kilrathi war chest. Surprisingly fast and maneuverable for its size, the Fralthi II-class is armed to the proverbial teeth with more heavy-hitting weaponry and stronger armor than any frontline Kilrathi warship short of a battleship or dreadnought. Mostly assigned to large battle groups in support of a heavy carrier, no starbase, colony, or warship is safe when this starship is on an attack approach. In addition, its respectable fighter compliment can be used almost as effectively as a light carrier.  

Next up... Kilrathi carriers!


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Picture Album: Planets

DATE: 2009.20.07

As we get closer to the release of Wing Commander Saga, we are continuing our policy of releasing new information about our upcoming game every few weeks to continue to keep you up to date on the project's progress. Today we would like to share some new screenshots, that are all enviromental in nature. You will note our visual style for the space background has evolved since the original Prologue release. You'll be seeing more of our new nebulas/planets as we continue pushing out media. These shots are just an appetizer.


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Know Thy Enemy: Kilrathi Capital Ships - Entry 7: Fralath

DATE: 2009.10.07

For today's update we would like to showcase a Kilrathi warship that was cut from Wing Commander 3. The concept art of this ship was found in the "Making of WC3" CD-ROM that Origin released with its first official WC3 guide. 

Fralath light cruiser 

As mentioned in the artwork, this is a Kilrathi cruiser. But it's very different from the notorious Fralthi II-class cruiser from WC3, so it's assumed as a different ship class. The reasons we decided to classify this warship as a light cruiser is because not only does it fills in the gaps for a light cruiser (the Fralthi II is a heavy cruiser), the existence of a Kilrathi light cruiser is also confirmed through Page 49 of the Wing Commander 3 novel.

There is no official classname to this, and until one can be confirmed, ConFleet Intel has codenamed this warship the Fralath-class, as the name (like all the other Kilrathi cruiser names) is a derivative of the original term Fralthi.  

The Kilrathi developed this light cruiser to counter the Terran's superiority in fighter technology. Bristling with hordes of anti-fighter guns, these cruisers are normally found in defense of larger Kilrathi assets but are more then capable to serving as a raider or flagship for smaller fleet units. A Terran pilot's worst nightmare, a single Fra'lath-class cruiser can literally lay waste to entire formations of fighters and bombers.  


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Know Thy Enemy: Kilrathi Capital Ships - Entry 6: Ralarrad

DATE: 2009.28.06

For today's update we would like to showcase our final version of the Kilrathi Ralarrad-class light destroyer.

One of the most prevalent Kilrathi warships found on the front lines, the Ralarrad-class light destroyer is a maneuverable multi-purpose vessel that is equally competent in picket duties, fleet escort, and strike missions. Carrying a token fighter complement, the light destroyer is a mainstay workhorse of the Kilrathi war machine, wielding the energy weapons to effectively engage in anti-aircraft duties as well as the missile strike capability to pose a serious threat to larger Terran capital ships. 



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Check your six!

DATE: 2009.08.06

As a part of our development process, the visual style of Wing Commander Saga continues to evolve. One of our design goals is to give attention to each detail, creating a high quality visual, audio, game play, and dramatic experience. In this design philosophy details matter. This week, we would like to showcase our new Confed missiles.


Saga team member limdaepl brought his creative talent to the task of updating the look of our missiles. We are trying to be faithful to the original design of the Wing Commander missiles while bringing them into the artistic style of Saga. Check out the results in these screenshots.


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Flanker Joins Development Team

DATE: 2009.01.06 

This week we are pleased to welcome a new staff member to the Wing Commander Saga team! Flanker is a recent graduate with a bachelor degree in Communications and Multimedia Design, and he is also a practicing concept artist. He has joined the Wing Commander Saga Development team as our new 2D artist. He will play an important role in helping us design interface elements, illustrations, and weapon effects.

Flanker is already actively involved in the sci-fi community as an artist and we look forward to his future contributions to our project. We are confident that he will help bring our vision for Saga into reality.

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New Poll

DATE: 2009.30.05 

What would Wing Commander be without its music? This week, we would like to know which Wing Commander soundtrack is your favorite.

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Sample soundtrack

DATE: 2009.22.05 

Welcome to the latest Saga news update! This week, we are very pleased to announce that the highly skilled composer Jeff Ball has signed on to work on the music production and sound design for Wing Commander Saga. Jeff's unique range of work and talent will bring the soundtrack for Saga to a new level.

About the composer

Jeff composes dramatic and feature-enhancing music for games, film, and television. Being self-taught compositionally, he has developed a powerful sixth sense for the deep, visceral communication of music and thus makes a valuable contribution of fresh ideas and initiatives that are aligned with established themes.

To find out more about Jeff's work please visit his website at

Soundtrack Sample

We decided to share an excerpt from the soundtrack. As you listen to the ambient theme just imagine launching from a Confederation carrier. We feel confident the final soundtrack will reflects the epic scope of the game while giving the players a subtle sense of its grandness.

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Know Thy Enemy: Kilrathi Capital Ships - Entry 5: Ralaxath

DATE: 2009.14.05

For this week, the Saga team is proud to announce a vessel that a lot of Wing Commander 3 fans have been looking forward to see. It was a vessel that was long in the making, there were several variants and revisions to make sure that it was up to our standards. And now, we're finally ready to showcase ... the Kilrathi's Ralaxath-class destroyer.

The Kilrathi's newest and most advanced destroyer, the Ralaxath-class closes the gap created by technologically superior Terran capships. This "heavy destroyer leader" combines superior maneuverability and acceleration with enhanced firepower and armor. Initial reports show these ships serving as individual flagships for destroyer squadrons and smaller flotillas to totally replacing Ralarrad-class vessels in the traditional fleet escort role. A serious threat to capships and fighters alike, Confed pilots are warned to approach this warship with all due caution. 


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