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In this section of the Wing Commander Saga webpage, you can find historical details about development of Wing Commander Saga.

FROM: Rear Admiral Tolwyn, Commodore Starman, CINCWEAPONSDIVISION
DATE: 2006.31.12

Greetings, fellow Wing Commander fans!

You are about to download a true labor of love. Our team has poured countless hours of sweat into creating Wing Commander Saga, and we are all extremely pleased to share the first fruits of our labor with you.. After all, without the support you have provided us, none of this would have been possible. For that, you have our deepest thanks.

Following in the footsteps of a game like Wing Commander 3 is an amazing challenge. We hope you will find a familar sense of space combat as you experience our vision of the Wing Commander universe and play your part in the incredible story that will unfold in the months and years to come.

The team is very proud of this game, and we look forward to hearing your reaction. And once again, on behalf of the entire team, let us thank you for standing by us. It means a lot.

Tolwyn & Starman
Producers Wing Commander Saga

(Windows Installer, 282 MB / Macintosh Installer, 275 MB)

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