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DATE: 2006.01.08

In todays update we have some exciting news to report. Thanks to modifications done in the SCP-Engine (some older and some newer ones) we are now finally able to make a full-blown cloacking effect like in the original WC games. The technical side requires the usage of a few simple scripts for each cloaking ship, but those are easy to create and the effect for the player will be just like what we are used to in WC gameplay. Even better than that, the final animation will be very close to what we saw in the original CGI movie sequences of Wing Commander 4.

To celebrate this new development, we would like to share a few rendered pictures of our version of the infamous Strakha. Through centuries of conflict, the Kilrathi have gained an obsessive appreciation for strength. Many Kilrathi fighter designs, such as the Jalthi or Vaktoth, give expression to the Kat's sadistic infatuation with sheer brute force. However, the Kilrathi also have an appreciation for the more subtle forms of strength, such as stealth and cunning. The Strakha is the techological culmination of this facet of Kilrathi philosophy. Capitalizing on the element of surprise, the Strakha strikes from the shadows without warning. Although relatively lightly armed, its ability to move undetected provides it a tactical advantage that the Kat's capitalize on without mercy. As such, the Strakha is a veritable tactical nightmare for Confederation pilots.


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