Support CraftSecurity Clearance: Granted

The supply and logistics vessels are the true unsung heroes of the War.


Posted 2669.225



Class: Shuttle

The Kilrathi has one basic shuttlecraft design for a number of different purposes. The Naktarg is the original version, an assault shuttle large enough to hold Kilrathi Marines. A Search and Rescue variant, the Rogharth, is similiar to the Terran Type-R shuttle. The Graltha is a bizarre type that is used for command and control duties, it can duplicate the tracking, communications, and tactical computer functions that is normally found on a standard fleet attack carrier. The Kofar is the last shuttle variant, a flying munitions dump that can dock with a Kilrathi fighter in space and resupply it with fuel and missiles.



Class: Dropship

The Spartan dropship is a heavy landing craft that can carry a hundred Marines and a pair of hover battle tanks. Much larger then the Hermes shuttle, it normally deployed for full-scale planetary assaults. Like all Marine craft, it can forcibly override and board all known Kilrathi naval vessels and can function in all sorts of planetary atmopshere. In addition to lasers and gatling mass drivers for infantry support, it carries anti-matter missiles for suppression bombardments and micro-missile pods for anti-tank support.


Alpha Type

Class: Shuttle

This basic utility shuttle has become the standard across the Confederation fleet. Capable of operating in the vacuum of space and in a planet’s atmosphere alike, variations on this jump-capable design include cushy VIP shuttles, search-and-rescue craft, and refueling tankers.




Class: Electronic Warfare Fighter

The Zartoth is an electronic warfare variant of the Vaktoth heavy fighter. Lightly armed, the Zartoth is crammed with electronics gear and electronic countermeasure systems. They are most useful when it was necessary to pinpoint and destroy enemy targets by detecting energy outputs, or when it was deemed advisable to knock out defending sensors or communications channels. The Zartoth’s versatility gives the Kilrathi the electronic warfare edge over the Confederation, which uses obsolete corvettes for the role.