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Since the dawn of warfare, it has been self-evident that the more you know about your enemy, the better equipped you are to prevail against him.


Posted 2669.225


Class: Asteroid Camouflage Fighter

The K'ha'haf is a crude heavy fighter covered in a few tons of rock. They're usually used to mine and patrol approaches to secret Kilrathi bases hidden in asteroid fields. These rock fighters have lots of armor, not much shielding. Intel does not recommend, under any circumstances, colliding with these fighters in a lighter ship. Also watch out for large chunks of solid rock debris they throw off as they take damage.




Class: Stealth Fighter

The only stealth fighter in mass production, the Strakha is a recon ship that relies more on secrecy than firepower. Its minimal shielding and armor is counterbalanced by speed, maneuverability, missile loadout, and above all else, stealth. Sensor distorting materials are incorporated into a hull already designed to confuse most scanning systems, but even worse, the Strakha mounts a cloaking device to render it invisible to any detection what so ever. Used to great effects by a Kilrathi pilot who knows how to use it to its limits, a lone Strakha has been known to eliminate four Hellcats in the space of ten minutes.




Class: Bomber

The Kilrathi Paktahn is similar to the Confederation Longbow by virtue of its torpedo attack capabilities. With multiple missile hardpoints and an impressive array of guns, this bomber can engage several fighters at once during a single run. With its six torpedo hardpoints, Paktahns are a Terran capship's worst nightmare. Its heavy armor and auxiliary guns make it dangerous to attacking fighters. Terran intelligence reports that Paktahns most often fly with Dralthi IV or Darket escorts.



Class: Super Heavy Fighter

Designed to lay waste to entire Terran fighter formations, the Sorthak fighter-destroyer is unlike any other heavy fighter flown by the Kilrathi. Fast and maneuverable for her large size, the Sorthak has massive guns protruding from the front and the rear, and it mounts multiple missile and torpedo hardpoints to be a threat to any fighter or capship. Specialized for long range space superiority missions, it has the jump capability and fuel capacity to have an extended operating range over the Vaktoth.



Class: Heavy Fighter

The Vaktoth is a heavy Kilrathi fighter whose dogfighting performance is slightly better than that of the Confederation Thunderbolt. A traditional heavy fighter, it lacks speed and maneuverability but makes up in firepower and armor. Compared to the Thunderbolt, the Vaktoth lacks a torpedo hardpoint but has more missiles for dogfighting. With its jump capabilities and auxiliary meson guns, this fighter is primarily used for escort and scout missions that do not involve capital ships.


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