Confederation FightersSecurity Access: Granted

Terran Confederation military aircraft represent the pinnacle of achievement in the latter half of the 27th Century.


Posted 2669.225



Class: Heavy Fighter

The Confederation's next generation fighter, the Excalibur combines the latest Terran technological achievements with captured Kilrathi cloaking technology. Specifically designed to outfly and outfight the Kilrathi Bloodfang, the Excalibur can take on any fighter in the Kilrathi arsenal and win. It can be configured to fly any mission in any space or planetary environment from ground attack to fighter sweeps. It packs heavier beam weaponry, missile loadout, and shielding then any ConFleet heavy fighter in service with the speed and acceleration to rival even light fighters.



Class: Heavy Fighter/Bomber

The Sabre was one of the best heavy fighters ConFleet put into service during the early 2660s, matching well with the Jalkehi and the Gothri. In addition to its dogfighting ability, its attack ability was so commended that a dedicated torpedo bomber variant was constructed for the escort carrier class. Several of these "Strike Sabre" variants have found themselves in use with reserve wings and In System security units as their defacto patrol bombers.



Class: Patrol Fighter

Initially designed as an In-System Security patrol fighter, the Ferret soon acquired an incredible reputation to the point that it began replacing the Epee as the default light fighter of its time. Replaced by the newer Arrow in the point defense role, Ferrets are now being used by reserve and security units. A few specialized Ferrets in active service have been modified with extra fuel tanks, uprated engines, and a jump drive to serve as fast courier ships.



Class: Medium Fighter

In its day, the Rapier II had a reputation as one of the best all-purpose dogfighters in the Fleet. One of the most cost efficient and effective fighter during the mid 2650s to the late 2660s, almost all carriers in the fleet had at least a squadron or two of Rapiers onboard. The majority of all front-line Rapier II squadrons have transitioned into the newer Hellcat V, but an excess of these versatile fighters still see combat in the active reserve and Home Defense units.



Class: Heavy Fighter

A traditional heavy fighter, the Thunderbolt VII can be utilized during both offensive and defensive situation alike, with enough ordinance to be pressed into service as light bombers if the need arose. Mounting a heavy array of forward energy weapons and a torpedo mount, this craft has a remarkable success rate against light capital ships and medium to heavy fighters. Sporting heavy armor and shielding, the Thunderbolt is slower and less maneuverable than the Hellcat or the Arrow but it excels at what it was primarily designed to do – go head to head with heavy targets.