Confederation Capital ShipsSecurity Clearance: Granted

Capital ships have gone a long way, ever since Man built wooden ships to sail the seven seas back at Terra.


Posted 2669.225



Class: Fleet Attack Carrier

The Jutland-class carriers are the latest breed of advanced fleet carriers built to coincide with evolving ConFleet military technology and theory experienced during the Kilrathi War. Constructed to emphasize on speed, mobility, and striking power, they function as first response vessels in the carrier fleet. These carriers carry nine squadrons of fighters, backed up by various anti-matter guns and missile batteries for additional striking power.  With the withdrawal of Confed’s heaviest carriers and dreadnoughts to defend Earth, Jutland-class carriers now comprise the majority of fleet carriers left on the frontline.




Class: Assault Troopship

One of the largest troop carriers in service, the Pelileu-class embarks a regiment of over two thousand Marines and a battalion of combat vehicles including assault skimmers, hover tanks, and artillery walkers. They are all deployed to battle by the troopship’s own complement of shuttles, dropships, and landing craft. Lastly, it has enough supplies and equipment for its Marines to participate in sustained combat operations for up to 30 days. A planetary assault force would consist of multiple troopships working together, but they require proper escort when deploying for operations.




Class: Transport

Making up a large part of the Confederation logistics train, the Clarkson-class is an unsung hero that wins or loses battles by keeping the front line fleets supplied and operational.  Utilizing its modular container design, the transport can be configured to carry anything important to the war effort, including armaments, fuel, general supplies and personnel.  Slow, under-armed, under-armored and susceptible to attack by the lightest of Kilrathi forces, these freighters have to constantly rely on fighter or lighter capship escorts for protection.


Hellcat V


Class: Scout

To enable absolute secrecy and plausible deniability in the field, the latest Naval Intelligence scouts are designed to pose as innocent-looking civilian Free Traders. Prowlers work autonomously from the regular Terran Fleet, running various covert ops, reconnaissance gathering, and spy missions behind enemy lines with little to no backup. Even though the true specs of these specialized vessels are classified, they are very dangerous if confronted. Notoriously elusive to sensors, detecting a stealthy ship as this has proven to be virtually impossible.




Class: Light Carrier

The Yorktown light carrier, designed more than fifty years before the Kilrathi War, is still proudly serving in the Navy. Constantly modernized and refitted to keep up with modern times, they are invaluable support to larger Confederation carriers. Though well shielded, the light carrier wields only defensive laser turrets and a capship missile launcher, counting on her four squadrons of fighters for protection.

The Kilrathi naval build-up of the past few years and the Confederations losses incurred during the Battle for Earth have forced these venerable light carriers into front line duty.